Colombia Data Protection Authority launches innovative regulatory Sandbox on privacy by design and by default in artificial intelligence projects

The SANDBOX ON PRIVACY BY DESIGN AND BY DEFAULT IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROJECTS is a preventive, supervised, and temporary experimentation space, so that those interested in developing artificial intelligence (AI) projects, from the design stage of said initiatives create collaborative compliance solutions to personal data protection regulations.

Said project seeks to be a preventive and experimental space so that companies interested in developing artificial intelligence projects create collaborative compliance solutions through the non-binding accompaniment of the Data Protection Authority. For instance, in the implementation of tools such as privacy impact assessment (PIA); privacy by design and by default; accountability, among other measures that they consider appropriate.  

The objectives of the regulatory sandbox are the following: (i) establish criteria that facilitate compliance with the regulation on data processing in artificial intelligence projects; (ii) ensure that the adequate processing of personal data is an essential component of projects that design and/or implement artificial intelligence; (iii) promote the creation of artificial intelligence products that, from their design and during their execution, are, among others, respectful of people's rights regarding their personal information and in accordance with the regulation on the processing of personal data; (iv) accompany and advise on the protection of personal data, the selected companies, to mitigate the risks associated with the implementation of artificial intelligence; (v) consolidate a preventive/proactive approach to protect human rights in AI projects, and (vi) suggest or recommend, if necessary, adjustments, corrections, or adaptations of the Colombian regulation to technological advances.

The authority has led since 2019 in data processing and artificial intelligence. The sandbox is another project to promote privacy by design in artificial intelligence projects that have a massive impact. 

Hence, on the international scenario, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has led and contributed to the drafting of documents on artificial intelligence, such as, for example, the one approved on June 21, 2019, by the Ibero-American Network for the Protection of Personal Data entitled "General recommendations for the Processing of Personal Data in Artificial Intelligence". 

Finally, the Colombian authority has also participated in the drafting and promotion of the following document (as one of the main sponsors), approved in October 2020 by the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA): “Adopted resolution on accountability in the development and use of artificial intelligence”.

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